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Model: HE600-377

Alta Lady V Sovepose - Royal Purple

Availability: Leadtime is 5-7 day(s)

Special version of Alta with unique features to keep women warm

Product description

Test winner Alta has been one of our most popular sleeping bags for many years. Features such as compact volume, comfortable inner fabric, durable lightweight outer fabrics are some of the reasonsfor that.The Alta series offers a wide range of temperatures and lets you find a sleeping bag perfect for any conditions.

Alta is constructed with water repellant Helsport Thermoguard® fiber. The fiber does not lose insulation if the bag gets wet, and therefore it’s preferred by many on trips where you will experience humidity or condensation. The box-construction and the fact that only the inner layer is sewed to the lining, reducing heat loss to the surroundings and ensures an optimal fit and isolation ability.

In addition to all this, on Alta Lady you will get all the awarded features from our Huldreheimen technology, designed to keep women warm. 

From nature’ side women need more insulation than men to maintain the same temperature. It is also documented that women not just get cold more easily, but also different than men.

Research show that women generally experience more heat loss than men around the hips and feet. Based on this insight the Lady bag is stitched so that it is more narrow around the shoulders and wider around the hips to increase comfort and prevent heat loss. To prevent heat loss, it also has an extra layer of down-insulation in the foot end and a taller heat trap collar around the neck.


  • Stay warm collar™ (taller and more comfortable heat trap collar)
  • Wide zone™ (wider shape around the hips)
  • Heat for feet™  (extra layer of down insulation around the feet)
  • Solid and lightweight ripstop outer fabric
  • Comfortable microfiber liner
  • Quick hood closure
  • Glow in dark puller
  • Inside pocket
  • 150 cm two-way joinable zipper
Vekt u/trekk:
1,85 kg
2 x Thermoguard 6000® + 70/30 Andedun 350 FP
170/75 cm
18x20 cm
T comf:
Bestillingsvare. 2-6 dages levering.
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