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Model: 7546

Tasmanian Tiger Modular Sniper Pack 45

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Modular long range weapons backpack for holding a long weapon with and without a sighting telescope. The backpack and the weapons carrying case can be used separately: The weapons carrying case can be removed and the whole carrying system of the backpack can be attached to and removed from the weapons case. A MOLLE system with six width-wise loops is located on the weapons case, which can be used to attach different bags and systems. The weapons carrying compartment on the backpack can be compressed with a zipper and can be used as a slot for shorter weapons. The module design of the backpack interior corresponds to that of the TT Modular Pack 30 (size relationships excluded).


V2 Plus Carrying System; Chest belt; Removable, padded hip belt; Detachable compression straps on the side; Durable, reinforced handle; The front opening can be completely pulled up; Two outer pockets with bungee cord on sides; Two front pockets; Main backpack without rifle bag: Dimensions: 71 x 40 x 20 cm / Weight: 3,30 kg; Volume pleat with zip (to use backpack without case); MOLLE system on both sides and front pocket; MOLLE Velcro on the inside for modular expansion; Backpack and weapon attachment can be used separately; Detachable weapon case, can be used as a sniper rifle case. Dimensions: 135 x 24 x 6 cm / Weight: 1,00 kg; Reinforced scabbard in the mouth area (also inside); The weapons holder with the V2 Plus carrying system can be connected to a full-fledged long weapons carrier; Easy-to-connect weapons carrying system; Backpack and weapon case with detachable lids;

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