Model: 7576.346
Flat MOLLE panel. Fastgøres vha. velcro. Kan benyttes med alle tasker med velcro, eks. TT Medic Assault Pack MKII, TT Mission Pack MKII, TT Tac Case samt TT Modular Pack. Mål: 38 x 25 cm. Vægt: 275 gram. Farve: Coyote Brown  
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Model: 7571-331
Flexible mesh pouches in three sizes, one for compression. With hook Velcro back for modular use. The back is also covered for universal use. The set consists of four pouches.   Velcro straps on all pocket backsides (loop Velcro); Blind Velcro available; Set consists of: 2 pouches S: 15 x 11 x 6 c ...more
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Availability: In stock
Model: 7773

Side pouch til rygsækken.

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