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Model: C19-BOS-1

Boson Biotech | Covid-19 Quicktest Antigen | CE Approved

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Get a quick answer within 8-30 minutes.

With this Antigen Covid-19 Test, there are quick answer.

Get a quick answer on whether you or your employees are infected with Covid-19.

The test is a quick test (Nasal). So no swab in nose. Covid-19 saliva test is based on antigens, by which the protein in the saliva is measured.

The test gives 97-99% accuracy and you get an answer within 10-20 minutes. Is incredibly easy to use.

The test is for professional use and must be performed by, for example, healthcare professionals.

Product features:
Detection of COVID-19
Result using saliva sample
Quick detection: The result is displayed in 15 minutes
High accuracy
Easy to use
Clinical sensitivity = 97.3%
Clinical specificity = 99.0%
Total agreement rate = 98.1%
The product complies with the In Vitro Diagnostic Directive (98/79 / EC) and the following standards:
EN 23640-2015
EN 980: 2016
EN ISO 14971: 2019
EN 13612: 2002
EN 13640: 2002
EN 13641: 2002
EN ISO 18113-1 2011
EN ISO 18113-4 2011
ISO 13485: 2016 - Certificate number: MD 729179

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