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Model: BT-PTT2

PRYME Bluetooth PTT tast.


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Bluetooth PTT tast.

Kan benyttes når man har tilkoblet sig eget bluetooth headset til sin radio, så man slipper for at benytte PPT tasten ved radioen.

Kan eksempelvis clipses på jakken, vesten, skjorten mm.

PTT tasten oplades ved at sætte den direkte i en USB port/lader.



Wireless PTT switch works with all PRYMEBLU adapters (and many others)

The PRYMEBLU PTT allows you activate your radio's push-to-talk function wirelessly. The BT-PTT can be held in the hand, clipped to clothing, or secured to just about anywhere! Built-in USB charging jack allows use of car chargers or any USB charger available (charger not included).  Requires a PRYMEBLU adapter (sold separately) and a paired wireless Bluetooth headset.


  • Allows you to activate the two-way radio's push-to-talk function wirelessly.
  • Pairs quickly and easily with any PRYMEBLU adapter.
  • Remembers the paired connection even the PTT, wireless headset, or two-way radio are powered off.
    Automatically restores the wireless connection the next time the PTT and PRYMEBLU adapter are turned on.
  • Multi-function LED keeps the user updated on the BT-PTT's status.
  • Internal Li-Ion battery pack powers the BT-PTT for 12 hours or more on a single charge.
  • Can be held in the hand or attached to almost anything using the included strong metal clip.
  • Built-in USB charging jack allows the PTT2 to be charged from any USB charger (car, computer, cell phone, etc.)
  • Requires a PRYMEBLU wireless Bluetooth adapter (sold separately.)
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